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Magnetick sheets, magnetic foils


We are selling magnetic foils in various colors and modifications. Magnetic adhesion depends on the thickness of materials on which the foil is to be applied. We sell the sheet with self-sticking layer located on one side. Self-adhesive magnetic foil does not serve as a magnetic board for magnet fastening. To be used this way, iron content is too low.

More about magnetic sheets

Since 2006, we have been selling the magnets online in the British market

In our e-shop you can buy more than 36 variants of the magnetic sheets.
In our stock we have more than 7 000 metres of magnetic foils.
By clicking on a sheet picture, magnetic foils offer of a given shape is displayed.

Magnetic sheets parameters

Dimensional adaptation

Magnetic foils may be cut with shears or, possibly, cut down to requested pieces.

Various formats

We sell entire rolls with the thickness of 0.62 metres, or we cut as much as you need. A5, A4 and A3 formats are prepared as well.

Various utilization

Magnetic foil working temperature is -30 °C - +70 °C.


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